What’s the social media buzz that companies are missing?

For the past decade Social Media and Marketing has improved greatly within the technology world. These technological sites have helped companies expand their business through Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, Facebook Advertisements, Istockphoto, etc. Much of our communication happens throughout these social media sites, but what makes these specific sites so special for business marketing?

Companies are currently creating and developing new accounts through many of the social networking sites, but some of them are more unique then others. Businesses wonder what drives individuals to their pages, well the answers is simple: it has to do with traffic. No, not a traffic light, but traffic to your website! Traffic is generated by tagging blog articles, posting links and keywords on your social media site i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Digg-it, personal blogging, professional blogging, websites for specific businesses, etc. Tagging is important so that it will help your specific ranking for your company’s website.

Another helpful hint is how and what is posted on your social media site. An example of this would be how you promote yourself or your business through your Facebook accounts, and more. It is important to know that what you post is somewhere out on the internet waiting to be clicked on by an employer, family friend, etc. Social media accounts are important for networking online, just like you would network with an individual person in public. It’s the same thing, but it’s just a faster process when using the internet, versus contacting an individual and scheduling a meeting time.  All companies should know that there is a need for social media because of the advocacy efforts for several different genres of subjects. It is especially important when finding helpful articles, posting for a political campaign, or just posting for an employer. When looking for an article you will more than likely not click on an article if there is a misspelling within the sentence of your posted article. Remember that appearance and communication is important within the social media world, whether you want it to be or not.

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